Helping the Orphans

We have a network of sponsors who each pay for an orphaned child to go to boarding school. It truly changes the lives of these children to go to school, and gives them the chance to break out of the cycle of poverty they are in. It also guarantees them 3 meals a day, safety, clean water and the opportunity to make choices about their lives. The children have lost their parents through HIV/AIDS, and are therefore not able to go to school as no one can pay for their school fees. Before we sent them to school they were spending their day working in the fields, collecting water and firewood. As they have no parents to look after them they did not have enough food, medicine or clean water, and were vulnerable to child abuse.




As well as paying for school fees we also fund food projects, donating goats, better seeds and chickens to the children’s grandparents so the children are fed in the holidays. We also educate them in better farming techniques so they can improve yields and grow their income.





Educate. Empower. Grow.