Our Team


We are a small, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing vulnerable children with education and care in Kayunga, Uganda. Our team includes:

Tom Ngobi who is a wonderful Ugandan working with the orphans and people of Kayunga. He takes the children to school, ensures they are being looked after, and runs the other programmes we fund that you can find out about under ‘How We Help’

Olivia (CEO) who founded Educate for Change after spending six months working in Kayunga, and realising how many orphans needed to go to school.

Chloe (Director of Legal and Financial Operations) who gave up work for six months to work for Educate for Change and now volunteers alongside her full time job.

A number of wonderful volunteers who have helped us, namely Emma Magnus, Ryan Daly, Mei King and Sofia Khan


Educate. Empower. Grow.