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To The Management, Staff and Students,
Wood House College,

12 Jan, 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy new year to you all. My name is Tom Maxwell Ngobi. I am the team leader of Kayunga Orphans Education, Care and Support Project Committee. Our programs are fully sponsored by Educate for Change UK; under the wise leadership of Ms. Olivia Stanton; locally in Kayunga known as Mum Nakimuli (The sweet mother and Good will Ambassador of the less fortunate orphans and People living with HIV/AIDS) in Kayunga District.

Through this mail I would like on behalf of the orphans, their elderly guardians, and the committee and, on my own behalf to thank all of you members of Wood House College for your generosity. When we got the good news of your kind donation from Ms. Olivia Stanton that you had organized a mini fundraising to support the previous Christmas party for the less fortunate/under privileged orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda’s rural district of Kayunga, we were filled with happiness and excitement. We got the funds without any problem and in good time. We were able to prepare the party effectively and efficiently. It is interesting for you to know that your donated funds were not spent on feeding alone, but some of it was used to buy second hand clothes and shoes that were given to the neediest orphans who lacked clothes and shoes as you will see in the photographs. So the orphans, local leaders and caretakers whenever they see an orphan dressed in the donated cloth or shoes, they vividly remember the 2014 Christmas Party that was sponsored by the kind people of Wood House College, UK. Most of the orphans we care for are from very poor homes. Most of them lost their biological parents (both), others have one living but damn poor and very ill (AIDS patients), and others live under the care of their very old and poor caretakers. Most of these children eat once in 24 hours; inadequate food though!



If Wood House College community had not donated the funds for the 2014 Christmas party, 99% of our orphans would not have had the opportunity to taste a delicious, adequate and nutritious meal on the Christmas Day! Such an unfortunate situation would make our orphan children feel neglected, not loved, not cared for and marginalized; hence prompting them not to know the spiritual importance of Christmas. Thanks to Wood House College for your compassion and generosity. Thank you for the funds. Thank you for giving our orphans a delicious, adequate and nutritious Christmas meal. They sang, danced, ate and drank soda. The children wore a beautiful and warm smile throughout the D day, Thank you so much our treasured friends. We are grateful and proud of Wood House College Community in general for the kind donation and Ms. Olivia Stanton for her efforts in impressing upon you to appreciate the plight of Kayunga orphans and accepted to associate with us; thank you all. Thank you for sharing with us the happiness of Christmas. It is our humble prayer and hope that this friendship (Wood House College, Educate for Change and Kayunga Orphans Education, care and Support Project) continues to grow from strength to strength for the full benefit of the less fortunate orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS.

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On a wider perception, it is presumed that this friendship will enable our two peoples young and adults i.e from UK and Uganda, to know more about each others country and life; hence helping to promote peace, friendship and understanding between us all.

“Together we shall reach one, touch one and give hope to one”.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support. Your friend in the service of the vulnerable children,



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