Who We Are

Educate for Change is a small, UK-registered not-for-profit organisation, operating in the Kayunga District of Uganda.  We act with the fundamental aim of providing Kayunga’s most vulnerable children with education and care. The charity was established 10 years ago by Olivia Stanton and Tom Ngobi, and throughout this time we have worked in partnership with the Kayunga Orphans’ Education, Care and Support Project, a community-based organisation (K.O.E.C.S.P.) Olivia is the CEO of Educate for change, and Tom the CEO of K.O.E.C.S.P.  Whilst Educate for Change raises funds for projects, monitors and evaluates their success to ensure that money is put to good use and advises K.O.E.C.S.P., Tom takes the children to school, transports HIV patients to the hospital and implements our projects on the ground. The partnership ensures that Educate for Change remains closely in touch with the community in Kayunga, and that the money we raise is able to have a direct impact, bypassing any external bodies.



Educate for Change exists in order to help Kayunga’s high orphaned population, something which is the consequence of the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the area. Kayunga’s orphans are often put into the care of elderly grandparents or neighbours, guardians who have only very small incomes from the sale of cash crops. As a result, the majority cannot afford to feed the orphans properly, or to pay for their school fees. The children are, therefore, extremely vulnerable to malnutrition, sickness and abuse. Educate for Change works to combat this in a few primary ways: we liaise with our network of sponsors to pay the school fees for these children and we offer educational consultancy to schools in Uganda. Likewise, we assist both the guardians and the wider community by funding micro-credit, food security and education programmes.

Our charity has made a major difference to the lives of the children we sponsor. We have enabled them to live safely at boarding schools, ensured that they are well-fed and able to learn. By helping them to grow their businesses and increase farming output, we have enabled guardians to provide for the orphans in the holidays. We have increased awareness of HIV/AIDS through the funding of education and testing programmes, and, have, therefore, contributed to a reduction in Uganda’s HIV transmissions. We are, however, keen to grow as a charity and extend our support, and we have several future projects in the pipeline.

Educate. Empower. Grow.